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Stamp Duty

When you buy a property or a land in Australia you have to pay a stamp duty on your purchase. Stamp duty sometimes called "transfer duty" in Australia. Stamp duty tax is one of the main revenue streams for the state or territory governments. Each state or territory uses different formulas to calculate it. Exemptions and concessions are also different, so it's a real headache if you want to find out how much stamp duty you should pay. Official governmental websites also not helping much - their calculators are dated and too complicated. So we decided to collect all stamp duty rates and create user friendly Stamp Duty Calculator!

How To Use Our Stamp Duty Calculator?

We made our stamp duty calculator as user friendly as possible. It's also responsive that means you should have the same experience if you are using it on iPad or iPhone. To start, please enter:

  • the value of the property or land, and
  • select the state or territory where you're buying the property.

Then, based on the state or territory, you'll have to select other options:

  1. Property Type - if it's Primary Residence you might be eligible for some concessions.
  2. First Home Buyer - some states offer concessions and also First Home buyer Grants.
  3. What are you purchasing - some concessions are available only to a new home.
  4. Other options - these usually defines if you are eligible for more concessions.

Time to click CALCULATE! You get the results how much stamp duty you should pay and are you eligible to any Grants. You also get other fees for every state - Mortgage Registration Fee and Transfer Fee.

If you are going to play with other amounts - don't forget to click CALCULATE again.

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